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LPC Sensor

Application:Line/Edge detective
Power consumption:300mA
Focal distance:20~30mm
Light source:Automatic switch of Bi-color semi-conductor light source(Modulation Pulse & Maintenance free)
Sensitivity adjustment:Automatic setting by the system(10~80% correctable at user)
Insensitive zone:+/-0.05,0.10,0.15,0.20 mm set by controller
Input/output signal:Digital serial transmission, effective distance Max:10meters of cable
Transmission protocol:Pknet2.0
Transmission cable: 9 PIN D-SUB including noise shielding
Casting material:Aluminum die cast
Operation temperature:Aluminum die cast
Operation temperature:0¡CC~+50¡CC
Storage temperaature:-5¡CC~+60¡CC
Light interference resistance:Sunshine above 10,000Lux(Max.70,000Lux),fluorescent lamps above 3,000Lux
Weight:420g(Adjustment base,angel gauge and leveler excluded)
Wear ability parts:None
Maintenance:Keep the glass lens clean and fix the sensor and free from shaking. Do not subject to heavy impact.

SLP:Semiconductor Light source Process

CE Certified¡C