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EPC Sensor

Electric Specification:
Supply voltage :DC 12V--16V
Serial Transmission output:"H"=10V "L"=0.3V 10mA
Light source:Infrared 900nm modulated
Light Resistance:Solar light 10000Lux(Max.70,000Lux) , Fluorescent 3000Lux
Position Accuracy:0.05/0.10/0.15/0.20mm(Tolerance Space) 4 stages adjustible by software.

Edge detecting for any kind of materials (including mesh on less than 1mm meshes)
1.Automatic adjust the transparency of material to the optimum situation
2.Position accuracy adjustable
3.Infrared detecting, long life, maintenance free
4.Easy to set up and operate
5.High accuracy and speedy
6.Enable to remote setting, remote displaying with remoting keypad
7.Data retention in memory for over 30 years
CE CertifiedíC
Transmission protocol:Pknet1.0